How to download private facebook videos?

Private videos are those which are not publicly available to see by other users, it can only be seen by either the owner or by the user, generally, friends, with whom the owner has shared the video, or have permission to watch the video. Private videos cannot be downloaded via any simple method because these videos are not public, rather it requires the source code of the page to extract the video streaming URLs.

A step-by-step guide to download private Facebook videos online:

  1. Private videos have following any of the following icons in the sharing settings:

    Icons Meaning Privacy
    Anybody can see the video, also can comment, like the post. Public
    Video not shared with anybody, only owner can see the video. Private
    Video shared with friends of the owner of the video. Private
    Video shared with specific users who may not be friends of the owner of the video. Private

    If the video has any of these privacy symbols ,, then we can proceed with the next steps.
    If the video has a privacy icon then please use the video downloader.

  2. In the web browser, go to the video page.
    View Page Source: There are 2 methods:
    Method 1: To view page source, in Windows/Linux OS, press Ctrl + U, or in Mac OS, press + U
    Method 2: On the video page, right click on any section of the page, then in the context menu, click on the option "View source code".
    A new tab will open which will have the source of the page.

    View source of Facebook private video
  3. On the page source tab, copy all the HTML code.
    In Windows/Linux OS:
    Press Ctrl + A to select all and then Ctrl + C to copy.
    In Mac OS:
    Press + A to select all and then + C to copy.

    Copy the source code of Facebook Video
  4. After copying the source code go to the

  5. Paste the copied page source code in the empty input box:
    In Windows/Linux OS: press Ctrl + V to paste.
    In Mac OS: press + V to paste.

  6. A download page will open containing a download link of the video with a video preview which you can use to watch the video before downloading it. Videos are provided in MP4 formats and may be available in two resolutions i.e. HD (high-definition) and SD (standard-definition). Click on the Download MP4 button to start the video download.