Private FB Video Downloader

Steps to download private videos from Facebook

Is the video available to you? Can you watch the video?

  1. Open Web Browser and go to the private video page on
  2. Copy the URL and paste it in the input box.
  3. Click the copy button and copy the link and open the copied link in the new tab of the browser.
  4. On the page source tab, copy all the HTML code.
    In Windows/Linux OS: Press Ctrl + A to select all, and then Ctrl + C to copy.
    In Mac OS: Press + A to select all, and then + C to copy.
  5. Paste the copied page source in the above text field:
    In Windows/Linux OS: press Ctrl + V to paste.
    In Mac OS: press + V to paste.
  6. Click on the "Extract Video Links" or "Download" button