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Michael Heaver on Sky - 17/08/18

WATCH | Michael Heaver crushes Remaoner scaremongering about No Deal. "You have to be able to walk away to get a good deal... we heard all this rubbish from Remain before the referendum. 500k job losses, recession - what happened to that?" Support us at http://leave.eu/get-involved

18 Aug 2018 · 141K views
C.C .Catch - Heaver And Hell

C.C .Catch - Heaver And Hell

Ирина Ошурко
24 Mar · 104 views
Locked Out of Heaver ... cover

Presenting... our cover of the song "Locked Out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars, in our never-ending pursuit of making music we love, and sharing it with our friends and family. 😎🎤🎸🎬 Erick Chamorro - Guitars, Video Editing, Sound Mixing, Remastering Brian Cortes - Guitars and Synthesizer Effects Rochelle Paz - Keyboards and Sound Effects Alvic Ayunan - Vocals JamieFranco Nevalga-Endaya - Bass Maynard Albis - Drums Words and Music by: Bruno Mars from the album Unorthodox Jukebox (2012) All Rights Reserved Enjoy!

Erick Chamorro
26 Feb 2021 · 1.2K views
Michael Heaver on Sky News 18/01/18

WATCH | "These gangs have been running around, jumping on lorries with weapons, for years and years and years. The French haven't deported them or locked them up but now suddenly we've got to pick up the bill!" Michael Heaver speaking plain common sense on the Calais madness. Spot on! Read more: http://www.westmonster.com/heaver-uk-needs-a-new-approach-to-migration-to-solve-infrastructure-crisis1/

18 Jan 2018 · 165K views
Michael Heaver blasts Eurocrats in the European Parliament

📺 | Top speech from Brexit Party MEP Michael Heaver as he tells the Eurocrats: "You've been lied to! You've been spun a myth that the British people had changed their mind. No. We. Have. Not!" 👏 🙋‍♂️ Support us at http://leave.eu/get-involved

18 Dec 2019 · 184K views