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99 Years Later...We Solved It

99 Years Later...We Solved It

Physics Girl
23 May · 13M views
World's Only Moving Mud Puddle

A mud puddle started moving across the California desert, and no one knows why. So I visited the mud spring to find out how a puddle became declared a natural disaster.

Physics Girl
15 Jun 2021 · 5.7M views
Can You SOLVE this GIRL Riddle ? | 99% will Fail !

Can You SOLVE this GIRL Riddle ? 99% will Fail ! Are You a GENIUS ?

Quick Reaction Team
30 Jan · 11K views
I WAS THERE! How David Blaine flew helium balloons to the height of jets (and jumped)

I was invited to witness the testing for David Blaine’s historical flight up to 25,000ft over the Arizona desert holding 52 helium balloons. Thanks to David Blaine, Luke Aikins, and the rest of the team for having us, and for taking such good health and safety precautions!

Physics Girl
15 Oct 2020 · 58K views
Why it's impossible to make a red bubble... or IS it?!

Take a look at a bubble and you’ll see all the colors of the rainbow... right? WRONG. There are colors missing! Full Video: bit.ly/pgbubble

Physics Girl
5 Oct 2020 · 117K views