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We are ARSHI a rock band from Rajshahi city.ARSHI means mirror.As mirror shows the reflection, the members of Arshi show the reflection of MUSIC !

~ Arshi Addicts ~

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ARSHI will live long thorugh their sizzling chemistry...Join in to enjoy with us in this lovely world of ARSHI created by ARSHIANS...!!

Zoha Zuberi.

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Zoha Zuberi For concerts and gigs contact at: [email protected]

Arshi Khan

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Arshi Khan is an Indian actress and model who mainly appears in Tamil movies. She was seen in India's first mainline Bollywood 4D historical action film.

Arshi [email protected]

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A page for all those Arshians who love Arshi, live Arshi,and dream Arshi !!! This is a page dedicated to Arshi and all their Maniacs !!!

~~We love Barun and Sanaya~~

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IPKKND NEVER ENDED IN MY HEART AND MIND :) ARSHI R ALWAYS IN MY THOUGHTS ♥ This page is made for only ArShi n SaRun fans !! <3 <3 <3

Arnav Khushi ARSHI

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Sarun/Arshi ♥

Arshi Rishbala

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Arshi Rishbala

Arshi My Heart Beat

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◘ ♣This page for I$$ Pyaar ko kya naam doon (IPKKND) Diehard fans,if u love Arshi or IPKKND <3 <3 join this page: Arshi my heart Beat♣ ◘