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Love Story

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A young man fell in love, and ended with a broken heart. He started a page on May 4th, 2010, and now after many challenges, LOVE STORY IS BACK!!! ---- Love Story writes only his own material almost everyday.

Forever - A True Story of Love and War

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A love story, written in alternating first person and epistolary form. This couple met in 1936. Their story takes them through WWII and beyond-to today.

I love you

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Page where u can enjoy Friendship & Love Quotes ; where all Religion ; all Nations are Equal !

Janu I Love U Itna U Soch B Nhi Sakti Jitna

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i knOw janUu uU lOve mE itnAa mEii sOch bhi saKtiI jIitna :* U LOove meE jAab taAk i LooOve u HumesShaA

Animated Love Stories

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Love stories animated.

Love Diaries

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Love Diaries all about creating love/sad small videos for whatsapp status videos. love stories , sad love stories , animation stories.

Adopt a Love Story

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Adopt a Love Story helps adoptive families overcome the financial barriers to adoption and shares the powerful love stories written through those journeys.

Where to obtain a copy of "The Final Curtain a Love Story Untold"

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The Final Curtain a Love Story Untold" can be obtained at Amazon on line. Here is the link

I can never forget u bcoz I love u

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If you have any kind of complaint or suggestion you can message us, Do not Spam or Report. Different Quotes in a different way with the same attitude. I hope I'm finding stuff everyone likes. @ [145080345669799:I can never forget u bcoz I love u]

Little Love Stories

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Little Love Stories Photography and Films captures classic, natural, portraits of newborns, families and events. Tell your story, with Little Love Stories