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【Elementary Chinese】Shopping 买东西 (1)

【Elementary Chinese】Shopping (1) Cam: Yajie, I am in dire need of a new jacket. When I go into a shop, how do I say that to a sales person? YJ:You can say “我想买一件夹克。(Wo3 xiang3 mai3 yi2 jian4 jia1ke4)”买 (mai3), to buy. And 卖(mai4), the fourth tone, means to sell. Cam: Yajie, how do you say “What’s your size” in Chinese? YJ: It’s 您穿多大的?多大(duo1 da4). Literally it means how large. Cam: 多大(duo1 da4). 大(da4) means large, and 小(xiao3) means small. They are opposite, right? YJ: Right, and medium is 中 zhong1, the first tone. Extra large is 加大 jia da Cam: jia da. I think jia da size will fit me well! Yajie, what's the Chinese for size. YJ: it’s 号 hao. So you just need to say small, medium, or large before hao. For example, small size would be 小号 xiao hao. Cam: Oh, no, Yajie, even though this is an extra large jacket, I think it is a bit too small for me. YJ: Oh, Cam, you have to lose your beer belly. You can say to sales person, “太小了(Tai4 xiao3 le)”, “太” means very or extremely. YJ: Now Cam, you may guess what's the Chinese for "too large". Cam: Well, I would say it's 太大了.

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Chinese girls street fashion 2021

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فيتنام بالعربية Vietnam by Arabic
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Teen boy bedroom makeover! | Making over my brother's room!

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Chinese on a Clip #10: An Interview with Yehuda

Do you need some extra motivation when it comes to Mandarin learning in the hot weather? In this “Chinese on a clip”, Liu Laoshi interviewed Yehuda from our Teen Program, who has achieved his Mandarin speaking fluency within three years, on his learning Chinese experience. Yehuda shared interesting stories and learning tips with us and you don’t want to miss Yehuda’s Chinese tongue twister challenge in this clip ~~ Enjoy and hopefully you find it inspirational!

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19 Jul 2013
E23 Dubious Positions and How to Attack Them in Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Board 08

Dubious Positions and How to Attack Them in Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Board 08 Chapter 1: Same Direction Cannons Board 08 Hiding the Flower behind the Leaves 叶底藏花 #xqinenglish #xiangqiopening #xiangqigrandmaster #chinesechessopening #samedirectioncannons #dubiousposition #布局疑形与攻击 Translator: Jim Xqinenglish of www.xqinenglish.com Time Stamps 0:00 Start 0:27 Beginning of Discussion 1:58 Dubious move: Red's C8+2 4:07 Variation A: Red's H7+6 5:09 Black's brilliant C6=5 6:28 Red would still lose if C6+5 9:06 Variation B: R9+2 10:21 Black sacrifices Chariot !!! 10:50 P3+1 also viable for Black 12:59 Review as Black 15:11 Sun Zi Quote and end Note: The official name is Xiangqi, not Chinese Chess. For more information about Xiangqi (Chinese Chess), please visit www.xqinenglish.com. For a beginner's manual: https://amzn.to/3r3zidM For more about the Webmaster, please visit: http://www.xqinenglish.com/index.php/en/about-xqinenglish For helpful books by the Webmaster, please visit the following link: http://www.xqinenglish.com/index.php/en/publications/273-publications-by-webmaster If you itch to play Xiangqi and want to get a Xiangqi set, Amazon.com offers a good selection of Xiangqi sets: https://amzn.to/3nnAtBG If you want to go directly to Amazon for the books by the Webmaster, please refer to the following link: https://amzn.to/3vEWCz5 DISCLAIMER: This webpage contains products with affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, xqinenglish.com will receive a small commission. You will not incur any extra cost when buying from an affiliate link.

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