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CrackedPot Creatives

Broadcasting & Media Production Company - 1 Likes

We believe that everybody has the potential to make things beautiful and meaningful no matter what, the flaw in us.

The People & Co.

Bar - 1 Likes

We do love people, we love their habits and we embrace their obnoxious flaws. But most of all, we love their company. So come, let's be weird, let's be us.

Pictures of dogs that reflect the flaws in human society and self

Art - 1 Likes

Don't let the page name fool you, this is just a glorified shitposting page with dogs We do accept submissions if you: 1. Send us a heckin' cute photo of your doggo 2. Specify that you want your doggo featured 3.A caption or Doggos name/breed is optional

Man Has Ruined God

Community - 1 Likes

Exposing the human flaws in religion that diminish the pure, unconditional love of God

On The Back of a Tiger

Movie - 1 Likes

A documentary exposing the fatal flaws in the scientific and medical establishments, and how fixing them could transform our understanding of disease, aging, and nutrition.

Death Penalty Fail

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) - 1 Likes

#DeathPenaltyFail It’s time to think again about the death penalty; a flawed system that's broken beyond repair.

Cape Cod Hip Hop & Jazz

Dance Studio - 1 Likes

At Cape Cod Hip Hop & Jazz in Hyannis, Massachusetts, we know that each dancer requires personal attention on their respective skills and flaws.

Above Life

Religious Organization - 1 Likes

In all my years of Ministry, I served people with the Word, Prophecies, Healing and Prayers….If I have to look back and point to a problem that really stood out, it was the ones that was Identity based. Somewhere deep inside of us, we feel we are flaw

BSG FurnAture

Company - 1 Likes

Committed to creating custom, one of a kind, handmade FurnAture and décor which express the imperfections and flaws of NATURE through wood + metal!