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Let's Go Haiti

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The Let's Go Haiti Marathon is the premier marathon in Haiti. It is a movement designed to encourage the healthy lifestyle in Haiti

J'adore Haiti Tours

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J’adore Haïti est un tour opérateur qui organise des visites guidées en Haïti.J'adore Haïti vise un objectif précis:faire apprécier Haïti dans splendeur

Haiti Tourism inc

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The Leading Haiti Tourism organization that promotes Haiti. We provide an authentic new image of Haiti's natural beauty that is overlooked by travelers.

Reparations for Haiti

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France the colonial slave master of Haiti forced Haiti to pay for Liberating itself. On behalf on the Haitian people President Aristide called for repayment of this money publicly to help Haiti's development, and was removed from power in a coup in 2004.

OTM Haïti

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OTM Haïti is a lux­em­bur­gish NGO working in Haiti since 1985. We educate and empower people in poor rural areas to improve their own life conditions.

Reparations for Haiti 2

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France the colonial slave master of Haiti forced Haiti to pay an 'Independence Debt' of $21 Billion between 1825-1947 for Liberating itself in 1804

Haiti Open

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Haiti Open Magazine features in-depth editorials on insider access to destinations around Haiti and expert advice on culture, hotels, restaurants, and more

Ministère du Tourisme d’Haïti

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Byenvini sou paj Ministè Touris Ayiti a Bienvenue à la page du Ministère du Tourisme d'Haïti. Welcome to the page of the Ministry of Tourism of Haiti. Te damos la bienvenida a la página del Ministerio de Turismo de Haití.

Elan Haïti

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ELAN Haïti est un rendez-vous tous les deux ans qui vise à dévoiler le potentiel des meilleurs jeunes sensibilisés à la question haïtienne | A two-year event that aims to unveil the potential of the best young people aware of the Haitian issue.

Hope for Haiti

Nonprofit Organization - 1 Likes

Hope for Haiti is a non-profit organization working to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people, particularly children.