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Human Milk, Tailor-made for Tiny Humans

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'Human Milk, Tailor-Made for Tiny Humans' is an independent international advertising campaign for the science of human milk and breastfeeding.

Being Human

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Being Human is given. But keeping our humanity is a choice.


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A civil feminist collective working with women and girls to eliminate injustice through building young feminist movement, empowering agents of change, and campaigning together against discriminatory norms and policies. Twitter: @femaleorg

Bangladesh Centre for Human Rights and Development - BCHRD

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BCHRD focus on the rehabilitation and prevention of human rights abuses, human rights awareness raising, human rights education, human rights advocacy

Humanity for being Human

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"For being Human, there is no alternate but humanity."

The Institute for the Scientific Study of Human and Non-Human Phenomena.

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The Institute for the Scientific Study of Human and Non-Human Phenomena exists to explore in a rigorous and thorough manner the mysteries of the Universe.

Being More Human

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Being More Human builds human potential by working through each organisation’s layers (individual, team & organisational ). While we started in HR, today we provide services such as executive leadership, coaching, specialist training plus all facets of

"I'm Proud To Be Human" by Shreekanth

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Humanism is an approach in study, philosophy, or practice that focuses on human values and concerns.

InThink Human Resources

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InThink Human Resources is an innovative human resources company.

Human, Space, Time and Human - 인간의 시간

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Kim Ki Duk's latest movie Human Time starring Jang KeunSuk as Adam and Fuji Mina as Eve Initial release: February 18 2018