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Provides UP TO DATE Jimin and Jungkook momentums. Let's support our boys till lifetime �� Let's fangirl together. Just enjoy �

Jungmin Park

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Zeitgenössische Kunst Ausstellungen Contemporary Art exhibitions

SS501 Myanmar Fans

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SS501 (pronounce as DoubleS Five Oh One) debuted on June 8, 2005. Members - Kim HyunJoong (Leader),Heo YoungSaeng,Kim KyuJong,Park JungMin,Kim HyungJun

Park Jung Min - Argentina Fans

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FB Park Jung Min Argentina .Este es un lugar para compartir todo el amor que sentimos por nuestro sexy carisma JungMin! ♥~ Bienvenidas minnies! Twitter: @PJM_ARGENTINA

Idol show

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It's not the official page of Idol Show , it's just a fan page........FIGHTING ! *_^