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Sher Ali Bacha

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Sher Ali Bacha,a Pushtun intellectual whose work will be remembered for long and will be appreciated by future generations.


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The voice of pakhtun

Pashtuns' International Association (PIA)

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Pashtuns' International Association ( PIA) is a forum of individuals and civil society organizations committed to project the true aspirations of the pashtun nation.

Attan: A Warrior's Dance

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A traditional tribal dance of Pukhtoons/ Pashtuns/ Patans

Pushtun Beauty

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A place which touches all the corners of life. Please come with to the point criticism. A person attacking us personally, will be banned immediately.

Pushtun Yum Za [ پشتون یم زہ ] Official

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زہ پشتون خپلے پشتو دہ پارہ یم.

Maidan the valley of greenery

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Maidan is a scenic valley in the Lower Dir District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.The peoples Living in Maidan Are Pushtuns


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The Pathans live in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. The group is made up of some 60 Pushto-speaking tribes. The Pathans, also known as Pashtuns and Pakhtoons, number some 28.88 million (2011) in Pakistan and some 12.53 million (2011) in Afghanistan.

Pakhtunkhwa Ulasi Tehrik

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For Awareness of Pakhtun Nation.,think tank, pressure group