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Come Dine With Me 27 January 2019 Episode (1-5)

Come Dine With Me 27 January 2019 Episode (1-5) Ep. 1: In Derbyshire, full-time mum Lydia goes all out to win with a family-inspired menu, but will her home comforts win over her guests? Ep. 2: It's day two in Derbyshire, and entrepreneur and self-confessed food and wine buff Frazer hopes to bag the prize with a gastronomical global tour, taking his guests from Russia to his ancestral home in Scotland. After a night of snubs over Lydia's sub-standard jerk chicken and the beginning of a burgeoning bromance with Gareth, Frazer's determined to up the game and prove to his guests that only the best will do. Ep. 3: It's day three in Derbyshire, and footballer's wife Kat is hoping that the element of surprise will give her the edge over her guests when she delivers a classy race-day themed meal. None of them know that she is married to a Nottingham Forest football player, and lifelong fan of Derby County Patricia is in for a night she's unlikely to forget in a hurry. Mummy's boy Gareth is impressed with the main course, as is feisty mum Lydia, but will the food impress self-assured entrepreneur Frazer, who's managed to niggle all the hosts so far? It promises to be a night full of drama, horsing around and good food, but will that be enough? Ep. 4: In Derbyshire, Gareth plans a risky menu that relies on a generous helping of guesswork and the odd phone call to his mum. Taking inspiration from his favourite Indian dishes, Gareth's guests are in for something spicy, but added to the ongoing tension between guests Frazer and Lydia, it promises to be a heated night all round. Ep. 5: It's the final night in Derbyshire, and lettings agent Patricia hopes to impress her guests with an authentic Italian feast reflecting her heritage. After tensions all week between feisty mum Lydia and cocky entrepreneur Frazer, Patricia is glad they've buried the hatchet, but footballer's wife Kat has been getting sharper tongued as the week has progressed and tonight she's not planning on taking any prisoners.

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27 Jan 2019 · 1.3K views
E4 Teen Mom UK: Mom's The Word Episode Four | MTV Shows

The mums share their messages for Amber after she welcomed her baby boy 👶🏻 and Cara and Nathan give their thoughts on what our amazing families have been up to on this week's Teen Mom UK ❤️

MTV Teen Mom UK
22 Apr 2020 · 140K views
UK teen arrested after allegedly firing fireworks at police van

A 16-year-old boy was arrested in connection to an incident where a suspect fired upon police with fireworks in the middle of the street in the United Kingdom. Full story: Video credit: West Midlands Police

2 Nov 2016 · 15K views
Teen Mom UK’s Amber Butler And Ste Rankine Welcome A Baby Boy | MTV News

Teen Mom UK's Amber has welcomed her second child - and his name is too cute ❤️👶

9 Sep 2019 · 360K views
UK Teen Orders Terror Attack In Australia

15 year old UK boy instructs Australian where to conduct ANZAC Day beheading. STORY: Story on 7 News at 6pm. Live stream: #Terrorism #7News

7NEWS Sydney
23 Jul 2015 · 14K views