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Stop Child Abuse

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We are dedicated to sharing encouragement, hope, education and support to abused children, adults abused as children and families that have suffered abuse.

Love Is Not Abuse

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Love Is Not Abuse is committed to stopping teen dating abuse before it happens. It is a community-based initiative that provides educational tools, information on teen dating abuse, warning signs, and where to get help.

Bella's Voice: A Voice For All Abused and Missing Children

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To educate and raise awareness about child abuse and to aid in reporting child abuse.

Support For Those Who Have Been Abused

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Anyone who has been abused or is being abused can seek help, healing and share their stories on this site, and be encouraged, or encourage others.

Abuse The Darkness Within Recovery through love and light

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Child abuse lasts into adulthood. This is a RECOVERY page for all types of recovery Abuse, Addiction, Self Harm, Grief, Depression. Heartbreak, PTSD, Attitude, Bitchy and Sassy that's what we cover. Page aimed at Awareness for both male and female .

Child Abuse Monument

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This supports respectful dialogue. Please use this site to:1. Show your support for survivors/victims of child abuse; 2.Discuss the issues of child abuse; 3. Log your support for the Child Abuse Survivor Monument Project

Prevent Child Abuse Georgia

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Prevent Child Abuse Georgia provides statewide direction in child abuse prevention to promote the happy and healthy childhood every child deserves.

Helping to rescue dogs and stop animal abuse/cruelty/puppy mills

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This is an organization for everyone about animal abuse. Animal abuse is something that is global and the more we know about it the more it may be stopped. Adopt from a shelter, not from a pet store. neuter your pets. stop animal slaughtering.Betheirvoice

Action on Elder Abuse

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Leading the fight against adult abuse. Do something spectacular and help end elder abuse

TAALK - Breaking the Silence that Surrounds Child Sexual Abuse

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The TAALK dream is to eliminate child sexual abuse in communities around the world. Until then, TAALK will vigilantly carry out its mission to reduce children's vulnerability to child sexual abuse and to support survivors through the healing process.