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GROPED on Tokyo Subway
Will You Get GROPED on the Tokyo Subway? How 2 Travelers #TravelTuesday Andrea Feczko 29 Dec 2015 · 25K views
TN trooper accused of groping driver
A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper accused of groping a Campbell County woman said via his attorney that he searched her because she said she had taken Ambien, a prescription sleep medication. But the video shows Wilson never mentioned Ambien before the search. Why a state prosecutor is criticizing his actions: Tennessean 5 Mar 2018 · 1.1M views
Man who groped a woman on a bus convicted of sexual assault
Man who groped a woman on a bus has been convicted of sexual assault. The woman, aged 23, was assaulted on the number 11C bus travelling from Erdington to Acocks Green between 10:50-11PM on Sunday 6th April. DC Lyndsey Healy, from Project Empower, released an image of the suspect and within 24hours of it being posted on Birmingham Updates several members of the public got in touch to name Joof as the suspect. Joof, aged 49, Ward End, was arrested from his work address in Stechford on 3rd June; a search of his home uncovered a coat that matched the one worn by the offender. Joof was later charged and at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday (16/01), he was handed a seven month prison sentence, suspended for two years, ordered to carry out 80 hours unpaid work in the community and to pay £700 costs after admitting sexual assault. Joof, who now lives in Watford, must also notify police of his whereabouts – such as address changes – for the next 10 years. The court heard how he stroked the woman's leg and put his arm round her shoulder to demand a kiss. During an interview Joof claimed he “mis-read her body language” and wanted a kiss as she was “a nice girl”. Sergeant Emma Holder, from Project Empower, said: “The woman told us she was very scared, too scared to shout out or tell him to stop. People should be free to go about their lives without fear of being harassed and, with the help of the public, we can stamp out this sort behaviour. I’d like to thank the people who got in touch with information, especially those who named Joof as a suspect, and anyone who took time to view the images and share them with social media friends. Offenders need to know that this type of behaviour won’t be tolerated.” Project Empower, which is part of the Safer Travel Partnership (West Midlands Police and British Transport Police), was launched last February to fast-track enquires into reports of sexual touching, lewd comments and indecent exposure and to urge passengers to report unwanted sexual advances on buses, trams and trains. The team has investigated almost 100 allegations and made 26 arrests - 11 of whom have now been convicted whilst several others are awaiting trial. Sergeant Holder, added: “We want to create an environment on the transport network that doesn’t tolerate intimidation or sexual harassment of any nature. Having a dedicated team looking at such offences means we can quickly establish any links between attacks, identify hot spot locations or routes of concern, and through closer links with transport providers get hold of evidence, like CCTV footage, much more readily. This particular case highlights a common tactic used by offenders: choosing a seat next to their victim despite there being many other available seats, thus trapping their target against the window and cutting off an escape route into the aisle. As part of Project Empower we’re training transport staff – including 4,000 bus drivers and conductors – to spot such tactics so they can potentially prevent offences, to support victims, and report suspicious behaviour.” Project Empower works from the Birmingham HQ of transport authority Centro on Summer Lane, and has access to hundreds of CCTV cameras monitoring public transport hubs and major routes across the West Midlands. The West Midlands bus network is monitored by an extensive CCTV network – including 11,000 cameras on board buses – so offenders run a high risk of being identified. Cllr Kath Hartley, the vice chair of West Midlands public transport co-ordinator Centro, said: “I am delighted Project Empower has led to this man being apprehended and put before the courts. It sends out a very clear signal that such behaviour on the public transport network will not be tolerated and those who behave in such a way can expect to face justice.” Birmingham Updates 18 Jan 2015 · 35K views
Woman groped by male stranger as she enters her apartment in Australia
This is the sick moment a stranger groped a woman after saying he couldn't resist because her 'bum was too nice'. Yahoo Singapore 26 Jan 2018 · 78K views
220000 Women were sexually harassed on public transport
Women are most harassed in public transport systems across the world. Many women in Delhi don’t feel comfortable travelling by bus. Being stared at, even groped, while going to work or returning from college is quite routine. It is very important for families to groom their male children not to indulge in such banal activities. #SHAURYA #SexualHarassmentAwarenessUnderstandingRedressalYouthAdvisory Shaurya Organization 8 May 2018 · 4.2K views
This topless woman took revenge on a man who groped her at a festival
This topless woman took revenge on a man who groped her at a festival Daily Mail Video 3 Jan 2018 · 17M views