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Miss Tamil Europe

Organization - 1 Likes

Miss Tamil Europe | MTEU WHO WILL BE MISS TAMIL EUROPE 2013 For the First Time in Europe? MTEU 2013| Miss Tamil Europe. For the very first time in Europe, Tamil Ladies can be the first "Miss Tamil Europe" to be crowned.

Airquee Europe

Industrial Company - 1 Likes

Airquee Europe, Europe's number 1 in Inflatables

Exsa Europe

Business Service - 1 Likes

EXSA Europe B.V. is based in The Netherlands. With an experienced sales team trading fruit all over Europe and impressive import lines from all parts of the world. EXSA Europe trades for 52% grapes, 28% citrus, 10% melons, 5% stonefruit and 10% pomfruit

Stand Up For Europe

Nonprofit Organization - 1 Likes

We believe that the only way to address the challenges faced by Europe is to build a real federal and united Europe.

Europe Together

Community - 1 Likes

"Europe TOGETHER - A new direction for a progressive Europe. Stand up for our future!" is an initiative by the S&D Group and we want to hear from you! We'll listen to what you have to say and take your suggestions into account.

AFL Europe

Sports League - 1 Likes

AFL Europe is the representative body for Australian Football in Europe, with 21 Countries across the continent making up its membership.

WAKO Europe

Organization - 1 Likes

WAKO Europe is the official representative of the sport of Kickboxing under the auspices of WAKO IF. WAKO Europe is recognized by Sport Accord and WADA.

PGAs of Europe

Sports & Fitness Instruction - 1 Likes

The PGAs of Europe is committed to the advancement of golf, golfers and the golf profession across Europe.

RSeat Europe

Product/Service - 1 Likes

RSeat-Europe is your Central & Northern Europe official RSeat distributor, Gaming Seats, play seat, and Accessories for PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX, XBOX ONE

HiyaHiya Europe

Company - 1 Likes

HiyaHiya Europe is the exclusive wholesaler of HiyaHiya knitting and crochet products across Europe and beyond.