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Project Forgive

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Our 501c3, non-partisan, non-religious org is a free global resource, advancing forgiveness education.

Ya Allah (الله) Forgive Us

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Welcome to the official Ya Allah Forgive Us page. LIKE us & start sharing -

Positive Life with Dr Shawne

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6-Time EMMY® Winning Broadcast Expert, Communication Leadership & Diversity Speaker, Creates Workplace Cultures that Embrace Forgiveness as a Leadership Skill, Founder of Project Forgive ♥

تکایە گەردەنم ئازاکە please forgive me

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forgive me لێم خۆش بە

Forgiveness 490

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Rock-n-Roll with a message!

Di Riseborough-Intuitive Life Strategist

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Di Riseborough helps people use the “F” word more effectively in their life-Face Fears & learn to Forgive.

Forgive Me

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Forgive Me is a television series that breaks the seal of the Catholic confessional. A young priest becomes embroiled in the secrets of his congregation, as the sins of his own past return to haunt him.

The 4 Voices of Love in the Seven Seasons of Forgiveness"

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Forgiveness is a very human phenomena and we can learn to do it well. Forgiveness is not an option. It is necessary in order to be truly human and free.

Stirred Up Charleston

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Stirred Up was birthed from a racially inspired tragedy that claimed 9 lives. Forgiveness was extended rather than hate, moving a city to unite.

Jesus Fox Forgives Your Yiffs

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This is a satire & humor page, just for fun. It's not meant to mock religion. You can check out the dude behind the character at or just say hi, here! You'll find hugs, fun, and furry artwork here! :3