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Ya Allah (الله) Forgive Us

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Welcome to the official Ya Allah Forgive Us page. LIKE us & start sharing -

Islam is about peace and forgiveness

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Forgiveness and Peace are the most important things after the daily prayers, fasting, pilgrimage and helping the poor.

Project Forgive

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Our 501c3, non-partisan, non-religious org is a free global resource, advancing positive mental health education and well-being.

تکایە گەردەنم ئازاکە please forgive me

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forgive me لێم خۆش بە

Oh Allah,Please Forgive me

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What you need at this moment ? Money,Job,Girl ? but Breathing is more imp. Who knows 2morow is ur day to leave this world ? Seek forgiveness of Allah

Forgiveness 490

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Rock-n-Roll with a message!

Di Riseborough-Intuitive Life Strategist

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Di Riseborough helps people use the “F” word more effectively in their life-Face Fears & learn to Forgive.

Positive Life with Dr Shawne

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6-Time EMMY® Winner, Speaker, Keynotes, Engagement Solutions, Workplace Culture, High-Pressure Communication, Forgiveness in the Workplace

Forgive Me

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Forgive Me is a television series that breaks the seal of the Catholic confessional. A young priest becomes embroiled in the secrets of his congregation, as the sins of his own past return to haunt him.

The 4 Voices of Love in the Seven Seasons of Forgiveness"

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Forgiveness is a very human phenomena and we can learn to do it well. Forgiveness is not an option. It is necessary in order to be truly human and free.