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Thousands of girls' naked photos appear on website

I have to give this mom credit for her courage. She is willing to talk about how naked photos of her showed up on a website. The site let's people anonymously request photos of specific people. Then others post the images. The website targets high school seniors (adults 18+) and those who have recently graduated. I'll have the TV version on tonight at 10 p.m. on Denver7.

Jace Larson
29 Jun 2017 · 1.6K views
Very Big Dick Boy · Dehter feat. MANSAY (Official music video)

Very Big Dick Boy · Dehter feat. MANSAY Released Mar 28, 2020

dehter · Official Music
15 Apr · 172 views
Yeu Kasi Kasi (From "Tom Dick And Harry") - Himesh Reshammiya

Song - Yeu Kasi Yeu Kasi Film - Tom Dick And Harry Singer - Sonu Nigam, Richa Sharma Lyricist - Sameer Music Director - Himesh Reshammiya Artist - Jimmy Shergil, Dino Morea, Celina Jaitely, Gulshan Grover Music On - T-Series

12 Sep 2019 · 47K views
Disturbing Subliminal Images in Disney Cartoons

***MUST WATCH*** (DISTURBING) 18+ And you wonder why our #Society is so #Sexually crazed and the #Youth more and more #Homosexual. For some this is impossible. As #Parents we refuse to think companies like Disney would ever allow something like this. This is very #Disturbing. But don't believe me, take it from a #Dick #Expert himself LOL ... and even though their is a taste of #Humor in this video, do not take it lightly ... people have practiced sexual #Rituals to al ancient #Gods for much longer then we've been here. We simply are catching on to a lot these days. Everyone loves #Cartoons – both c #Children and adults. There is always a temptation by a cartoonist to slip in a bit of something #Extra – something only they are #Aware of, but thanks to scores of teenaged boys with a pause button and too much time on their hands, we are all able to see these little in-jokes. Unfortunately for companies like Disney, some of them are a little on the naughty side and they have been the root of #Legal battles. Their is much rumor about #WaltDisney and his affiliations with nefarious groups .. Subliminal messages such as the 666 in the Disney logo, #Sex in Tangled and The Lion king and others in The Little Mermaid, Ducktales, Mickey mouse cartoons and even rides at Disneyland are believed to be incorporated due to Walt Disney's connection to the Freemasons and Illuminati. Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901. Growing up he always had an interest in the arts and had a raw talent of drawing pictures. As a teenager, Walt sold his drawings to his friends and neighbors for extra cash to get him through the week. After being in and out of odd jobs and failing terribly, he decided to make his way to Hollywood, California and persue his talent and dreams. Doing so, Walt became a Hollywood figure and one of the most well-known in the world. "Alice comedies" was released in 1925, winning Walt his first Academy Award. Over a decade later, "Snow White and The Seven dwarfs" released in December 21, 1937 and grossed over $1,499,000 during the Depression. The next five years, Disney Studios produced other films such as Dumbo, Bambi, Fantasia, and Pinnocchio, among many, many others. With such popularity, Walt became a television pioneer and to this day Disney Studios is a huge success and continues to make amazing and popular movies. What is a subliminal message, you might ask? Well, a #Subliminal message is a #Hidden message in attempt to "fool a conscious perception". In other words, you don't #Know the message is there, but eventually it will be seen. Disney moves seem to have the most shocking, most unseen, most out of the ordinary subliminal messages of all time. Our childhood memories consisting of these fantastical movies have hidden secrets not a lot of people are aware of, until now. The Lion King- About 3/4 into the movie, Timon, Simba and Pumba are laying down, staring up at the sky. Simba gets up, walks a distance and flops himself to the ground, forming dust particles in the air. The dust particles become a rolling cloud and in the cloud read the letters S-E-X. This frame passes to quick for the naked eye to see, but it is there. It is confirmed that the animators meant to put the letter S-F-X, an abbreviation for Disney's special effects department. The word "sex" is in almost every scene in this movie and most of them are hidden in the background. The Little Mermaid- On the cover of every little girls favorite disney movie, is something rather disturbing. Something that wouldn't be spotted out right away. It just so happens that on one of the spires of the golden castle is the shape and detail of a penis. It is confirmed that the artists added this drawing because he was angry at Disney Studios. In the beginning of the movie, King Triton swoops down over a crowd of people. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy are among the crowd. Be sure to look carefully! At Eric and Ursula's wedding, the priest appears to have an erection. But because of the poor animation, it is proven to be his knee. The Rescuers- This one is proven to be completely true and shocking. There is a scene where Bianca and Bernard are riding through the city in a sardine box. There are two frames in this scene that shows a perfect image of a topless woman. It is clear to see if you are looking closely. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?- This next message is in the last two frames of the scene and comes very quickly. Jessica Rabbit bounces out a taxi and as the scene continues, Disney's Chief Executive, Michael Eisner's telephone number appears to be on the toon town wall. In another scene, once again, Jessica Rabbit hops out of a taxi and her skirt flies up. As her skirt flies up, it shows her nude with her legs open for only a couple frames. Aladdin- Aladdin shows up on Jasmine's balcony on the magic carpet. As he approaches the balcony, Jasmine's tiger Raja attacks Aladdin. As the tiger is growling, it is argued that supposedly Aladdin says "Good teenagers, take off your clothes." or "Raja, take off and go." Disney and the media say the first option is untrue. But you can be the judge of that one! Beauty and t

Romeo Carter
24 Feb 2014