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40 Days in the Word Devotionals Videos

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Quotes Of The Day

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Read our quote of the day to start your day on a positive note. Quotes for EACH DAY of your week. You will find inspirational sayings, quotes, and proverbs filled with words of wisdom.

Hebrew Word Of The Day

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Each day I will present another Hebrew word or sentence to help you increase your Hebrew vocabulary/ conversations.

365 Days of Angel Prayers

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365 Days of Angel Prayers is a bestselling book to support you on your best days and in your worst moments. You can purchase the book at or here:


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Facebook is rolling out a welcome new feature. Go to my page and click on the "LIKED" button and select "Get Notifications." This way, if I post something and it did NOT show up in your newsfeed (note that MOST do NOT), you will receive a notification.

Day to Day

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Day To Day Official FB Page: Searching best discount retail shop or store in Dubai? We are one of the top stores to check in the United Arab Emirates.

Poetic Lyricism: Spoken Word for Words Unspoken

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Our motto: "Spoken Word for Words Unspoken." Translation: Spoken Word is the genre of poetry we perform, Words Unspoken means that We speak for the voiceless, saying what other people are afraid to say.

Happy Father's Day 2017

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Words With Friends

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Welcome to the Words With Friends Facebook Page! Play today and May the Best Friend Win.™

Happy Fathers Day Images

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Happy Fathers Day Images, Happy Fathers Day 2017 Images, Fathers Day Pictures, Images For Fathers Day, Father's Day Photos, Pics, HD Wallpapers, And Greetings Cards.