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ताऊ तनै फेर आणा पङैगा

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लोकराज लोकलाज़ से चलता है :- चौ॰ देवीलाल (ताऊ) Fans of Great Tau_must JOIN this Page.

Ishqan De Lekhe

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ख्वाब शीशे के थे... पिघल गये...... "जिंदगी"......... तेरी आँच ज्यादा थी .. ....✍♡�

Ishqa de lekhe%%

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All writer who no famous in the world it just step to build a famous...#dilraj#

Ishqan De Lekhe

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DM us romentic and heartbroken quotes we'll publish on aur page. We'll mention ur name if you want to publish your name..

श्री सनातन धर्म मंदिर , कृष्णा नगर , मथुरा

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it was constructed in 13th April 1952 by Shri Lekh Raaj Anand Ji

Ishqan de lekhe lag gyi umraan di punji ni

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Welcome on my page frndz ..... For funny sad sheyar , songs

Meet Gill

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Meet Gill Official Page Contact For info Whats app Cyprus +35796204130 Out Songs || Sarkari alle || blood || Reply Isqa de leakhe || Crush |