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The Walking Dead Season 1: Episode 2 - Starved For Help
Lee and his group of survivors have been surviving for six months in the motel. They are running out of food and are starving. They will need go out to look for food. Two strangers stumbled upon the motel looking for fuel. They negotiate with them for food in exhcange for fuel and explain that their farm is proctected by an electric fence surrounding them and have lots of food at their farm, but they are not sure if they can trust them. Find out what happens in this Episode. Gameflix 29 Dec 2016 · 122 views
The walking dead season 1
The walking dead season 1 Srial Dama Seri Bersambung 7 Jul · 132 views
Holy Sh!t 1107 Moment
It takes practice to walk with the dead... Catch up on this season of #TWD On Demand or AMC Plus before the Part 1 finale this Sunday. The Walking Dead 6 Oct · 325K views
TWD 1108 Sneak
They can't stop mother nature, but can they stop the walkers? Find out on the Part 1 finale of #TWD tonight! The Walking Dead 10 Oct · 246K views