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American Express Platinum card review 2019
In today's video I give a review of the American Express Platinum card as of March 2019. This is a charge card and in my opinion one of the best cards that American Express offers. Now this card has a relatively high annual fee - $550 - but if you can maximize the perks and benefits the value you will receive will far exceed $550. If you are considering applying for this card make sure to search the internet using different web browsers to see if you can get and increased offer. Bella's Credit Corner 25 Apr 2019 · 54 views
American Express Centurion Lounge Review and Tour - Houston, Texas (IAH)
Throwing it back to October 2019 when we visited the American Express Centurion Lounge in Houston, Texas! Come with us as we take you on a full tour and provide you with an in-depth review of the American Express (AMEX) Centurion Lounge located in Houston Intercontinental Airport. Located in Terminal D, near gate D6, The IAH lounge is a little more hidden and less crowded than other locations we’ve visited. Fortunately, we were able to find the secluded location and enjoy the lounge without much overcrowding, during our afternoon visit. The staff was by far the friendliest we’ve ever experienced, with the highlight being the incredible bartender, Charles! Charles anticipated our desires and kept our Prosecco glasses full throughout our visit. During this tour and review we walk you through each amenity that this exclusive and comfortable Houston Intercontinental airport lounge has to offer. While the cookie assortment was a miss this time, the delicious hot lunch food, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic beverages certainly made up for it. Fortunately, all of these amenities are complimentary upon access thanks to our American Express Platinum Card perks! We enjoyed some come free Italian Prosecco while we explain how you can travel hack your way out of the bustling terminal gate boarding area and relax with some free food and drinks! If you haven’t experienced a Centurion Lounge before, make sure to watch this video to the end. It‘ll change the way you experience both domestic and international travel! Have any questions about this lounge or how to access it? Points Passport 21 Oct 2020 · 75 views
Andrea Evento American Express 2019
HOY en la Usina del Arte Andrea conduce el evento de American Express Factor Corporate Platinum y le ayudamos a elegir un hermoso vestido de Menage a Trois Andrea Frigerio Fanclub 17 Jul 2019 · 144 views
American Express Credit Card First Time Login | Get this card for Free & Exciting Reward Points
American Express Credit Card First Time Login | Get this card for Free & Exciting Reward Points 🎯Apply Here for American Express Credit Card: 🎯Open Lifetime Zero Brokerage Zerodha Trading, Demat & Mutual Fund Account: 🎯Open Lifetime Zero Brokerage Upstox Trading, Demat & Mutual Fund Account: Learning Mirror 30 Jun 2020 · 22 views
Mike Huckabee on American Express claiming Capitalism is racist
American Express made its' employees sit through Critical Race Theory training, and a guest speaker told workers that capitalism is racist. Mike Huckabee thinks this is absolutely laughable - how can a company earning billions of dollars complain that capitalism is racist? #VarneyCo Varney & Co. 12 Aug · 5.2K views