Zuzi Zu


Musician-singer, songwriter & artist from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. She sings pop, folk & gypsy music.

Zumreta Midžić known by her stage name Zuzi Zu is a Bosnien pop singer popular across the entire former Yugoslavia. Zuzi Zu's style can be described as pop with various folk and gypsy influences.
Zuzi Zu developed two parallel and separated carriers. She graduated with Bachelor of Economics, from University of Sarajevo’s Faculty of Economics. After the graduation she found employment in Government of Socialistic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Department for planning of economic development as an adviser for tourism and trade. She is continued her academic carrier and she granted Master Degree in economics at The Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, Netherlands.
At the same time while she’s studying economics she’s also attending Sarajevo’s Secondary Music School - Department of solo singing and after a while she became a member of prestigious Choir of Radio Television of Sarajevo. It was a time of so-called “Golden Age of Sarajevo’s pop music”. The Yugoslav musical scene was dominated by rock bands “Indexi” (Indexes), “Bijelo dugme” (White button), singer Zdravko Čolić, and famous Sarajevo’s musical Festival “Vaš šlager sezone” (Your Hit of The Season). Julio Marić, conductor of the Choir noticed her unique voice end selected her to sing backing vocals for the aforementioned Festival. After that she participated as a backing vocalist, alongside with young singer Gordana Ivandić, pronounced [Gordă:nă Ivă:nditɕ], in Great Yugoslav Tour of “Indexi” and Zdravko Čolić. Later these two ladies formed disco duo “Rok Hotel” (Rock Hotel) and released single “Disco/Blue jeans". After disintegration of “Rok Hotel” this duo joined male singer Mirza Alijagić and formed disco group “Mirzino jato” (Mirza’s Flock). The period from 1979 to 1981, while she was a member of the group, was marked with some of the greatest Yugoslav disco hits such as “Apsolutno tvoj” (Absolutely Yours), “Normalna stvar” (Normal Thing), “Charter Flight” and etc. In the midst of eighties she’s began cooperation with “Bijelo dugme”, the greatest rock group of former Yugoslavia. She sang backing vocals on the album “Pljuni i zapjevaj moja Jugoslavijo” (Spit and Sing My Yugoslavia) and participated on subsequently eponymous Yugoslav Tour of the group. During all these years Zuzi Zu’s also performed old folk songs called sevdalinke, pronounced [sevdă:linkĕ] and she’s recorded twenty of them for Musical Production of Sarajevo’s Radio and Television. Her interpretations of sevdalinke were highly appraised by most famous performers of these songs such as late Himzo Polovina, late Safet Isović and late Omer Pobrić. With last two she went on couple of tours all-round West Germany and Austria. In the year 1991 she recorded her first solo album “Noćas ja ludujem” (Tonight I’m fooling around). The author of all songs was Milić Vukašinović Mića famous composer of rock and folk songs. The winds of Yugoslav war broke her two carriers and brought her, first, to Italy and then to Netherlands. In Italy she sang sevdalinke in the prestigious Turin’s Folk Club and in the year 1993 she participated at famous Genoa’s Mediterranean Festival. In Netherlands she’s cooperated with Amsterdam’s gipsy orchestra “Ogto Gadje", pronounced [Ogto Gadyĕ:] and in the year 2002 they recorded joint CD “Ogto Gadje II”. There she sang four famous gipsy songs. 2006 she returned to Sarajevo. There she joined the band formed by Željko Bebek, Mladen Vojičić Tifa and Alen Islamović, the three former singers of “Bijelo dugme”. Next four years under the name “Kad sam bio Bijelo dugme” (When I was White Button) band was touring all-around Europe and countries of Balkan region.
2010 Zuzi Zu started to record her second solo album named “Zuzi Zu” which will be released in 2014. The standalone CD consisted of 14 tracks: "Vatra", "San o ljubavi", "Čičak", "Trepavica", "Plava banana", "Trag ljubavi", “Ružica si bila” (cover Bijelo Dugme), “Morska pjena”, "Delija", “Reanimacija”, "Imal' jada k'o kad akšam pada" (cover), “Žena istoka”, "Ederlezi" (cover) i "Uspavanka". Collaborators on CD and videos are Studio Kobac, Studio Futa Radulović and Dejan Miličević from Belgrade. Than Studio Al, Studio Tempo from Sarajevo and Invenio Films from Bijeljina. Zuzi Zu appears as an author, producer and stylist.
Although her exquisite voice could be found in the soundtracks of many Yugoslav movies two of them deserve special attention.

The first one is the film “Nacionalna klasa” (National Class Category Up to 785 cm³) by director Goran Marković. She performed with singer Dado Topić a main musical theme of the film named “Floyd” and she also sang a song named “Hobi”(Hobby) where punk for the first time was introduced in Yugoslav music. The author of all music was Zoran Simjanović.

The second one is the movie “Dom za vešanje”(Time of the Gypsies) by director Emir Kusturica. There she’s singing all the backing vocals for the famous song “Ederlezi”(St. George’s Day) that later became the trademark of the whole film. The composer was Goran Bregović.

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