Gone For a Run Virtual Race Series


Gone For a Run Virtual Race Series is committed to encouraging runners of all skill levels, to be more active by creating fun virtual race events.

How Our Virtual Races Work:
A virtual race is a challenge you give yourself, to reach a designated goal of finishing a specified distance by running or walking at a time and location of your choice. When you register to participate in a GoneForaRun © Virtual Race you are joining a growing community of thousands of athletes from all over the country, that are all challenging themselves during the same designated time period. Just like with a traditional road race, you are given an official virtual race t-shirt, race bib and an awesome race medal; the big difference is that you can run this race anywhere, with anyone and at any time of the day. This is how GoneForaRun © Virtual Races Work. Click below to learn more about GoneForaRun © Virtual Race Series!