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Tigray, Ethiopia is the mother of all civilizations in the Horn of Africa. It is the Source of the Ge'ez fidel, Christianity, and Islam. Tigray is the land of Qdoos Yared, Axum, Yeha, Queen of Sheba, and Wuqro Negash. Tigray, Ethiopia is the land of dauntless Emperors such as: Ezana, Kaleb, Armaha, Abraha, Elameda, ZeraYakob... Yohaness; Ras Alula, General Hayelom, and much more.

Tigrai is the foundation of Ethiopia. Tigray is Golden.

Tigray, Ethiopia the cradle of ancient civilization and the birth place of pure and untampered with Tigrigna, Semitic and Ge'ez language(s).

Tigray, Ethiopia is The home of the Ark of the covenant, Africa's first and oldest Mosque, the land of the Just, brave, free and fair. We have nothing to apologize, be sorry or fear for in our history, but we have everything to be proud of!!!

From the fertile lands of Raya and Azebo, to the great plains of Enderta and Tembien to the great land of the east, Kilete A'wlaelo and Agame, to the central territories of Adwa and Axum, to the vast country of the west that is Shire live great people who are Tegaru, whose unflinching, uncolonized patriotism made them the shield defender of Ethiopia for many millennia !! Tigray Adi Jeganu.

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