Respiro Studios - Vocal, Drama & Performance Coaching

Performing Arts School

Singing Lessons; Vocal Training; Stage Performance Coaching.

Respiro Studios has several years experience in Performing Arts (using your physical body for entertaining) i.e. singing, acting, dancing). Respiro Studios have different branches and sister-studios, who function as a whole to create a performance family where students can develop and flourish.
We specialize in Vocal Training, Performance Training and Stage Techniques, Performing opportunities and Exams (UNISA, Trinity, Rockschools) In short, Respiro Studios train performance to all ages, colours and cultures, soloists, duet’s and groups with the main focus on vocals.
During your lesson, we will teach you various exercises to help develop the necessary muscles and techniques for singing. You will also learn more about your own body and mind and how it affects your voice.
Vocal training is hard work and takes dedication – a life skill you will learn and not only implement in your singing but also in everyday living, insuring you professional success.