Desserts to Dumbbells

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Down 75 lbs�My journey from Pastry Chef➡️Crafty,Educational Mom➡️Health/Fitness Lover��I share about all 3❤️Helping other mommas regain their confidence

My reason to start my fitness journey was because of my daughter. 😍 I vividly remember 2 different days like they were yesterday. . . The first is when she was just about 4 and she asked me to play with her. I was sitting on the couch, exhausted from I cant remember, and I snapped at her saying "Emmie! Santa just brought you an iPad! Go play with it!!" The look on her face was horrifying. She was shocked at my tone, started crying, and went to her room. 😭 . . I immediately felt bad. My daughter wanted to play....with ME....and I tore her down. . . The second memory burned in my mind is when we went on our yearly trip to a local amusement park. Once again, Emmie wanted me to ride on a ride with her. I hopped in the seat next to her and put on the seat belt....but I couldnt get it on. The poor teenager tried to get it on for me. He couldnt. I said "that's okay" with a smile but inside I was mortified. . . Those 2 hard-to-swollow memories are what led me to lose 70 lbs in one year. . . My kids STILL drive me to continue on my health journey! Like yesterday when I did a quick 15 min HIIT workout cuz I knew my mood was getting pretty bad and I know that exercise can turn it around for me (ya know, those things called endorphins? Yeah, they always put me on a natural high). . . Boston joined me for a couple minutes and even in those short, short minutes, I knew I was doing the right thing.....for me, for my kids, for my family. Yes, working out is something I do for me, but the ripple effect is larger than I will ever know. . . Do it! Start now! Do it for your family. Do it for your future self. Do it for your future life! It may be hard, but its ALWAYS worth it!
10 months ago