The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Iron and Clay Ministries

Religious Organization

The collective is grateful to the Creator for the opportunities to serve Humanity.

The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Iron and Clay Ministry is a collective of Gifted Healers.

Our basis is enacted by spiritual and universal laws to restore one's health in a whole manner. We will address any/all aspects of one's being for complete healing.

The healers are experts in reiki, the gift of healing hands, the gift of effectual prayer, quantum cells activation, and holistic health counseling.

Listen with a DeSire to glean ova👣standing... Regardless of the DOGMAS you CHOOSE LIFE FORMS consciously or unconsciously CREATE the realities of their EXISTENCE. All incarNATIONS on this PLANET choose to come VIA a MOTHER'S PORTAL by way of a SEED SPARK. Yet EVERY CELL or single CELL organisms exists with in patterns of sacred ○~●~□~■ mathematical models of SACRED GEO.MAY.TREE. (GIA MAY3). As one AGE changes in to ANOTHER we can denote the COS.MIC orchestration of this living MACRO and MICROCOSM. From the biggest to smallest (BiggieSmalls) we can expand our sequestration of knowing. Age to Age - Worlds without end... Avatars will be SENT to assist (Ayuda) or Adjudicate overseeing the QUANTUM evolution. From ONE PLANET EARTH we are the lifeforms.. from one COSMOS we are dancers in a mutational cellular (like INTELLIGENT PARTICLES) we evolve and devolve.... based on the PATHS we choose to impact OUR day-to-day REALITIES. HU4 -> AVATAR CONSCIOUSNESS HU3 -> OVER-SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS HU2->SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS HU1-> BODY CONSCIOUSNESS. Are you just a biological complex machine that eats breeds and excrete? Are you a SOUL ENMESHED in a human vessel? Are you an Over-Soul with access to your varied incarNATIONS. Are you an AVATAR of MONADIC CONSCIOUSNESS. Are you an EMBODIED SAINT and walk the PATHS of ENLIGHTENMENT BIRTHED into FORM to anchor a SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS. Are you a COSMIC DIVINE EMANAT10N of the YUMASAI MATRI? Are you a COSMIC PHENOMENON embodied as a CELESTIAL ARTIST/ARTISAN? What are you? Energetically speaking? KNOW THYSELF.... WHO ARE YOU? GODS AND GODDESSES? By Ras Ian Nathaniel Dawkins YouTube #Kundalini #ABUNDANCE #mentorship #Chakras #INDIGENOUS #Spirituality #Awakening #Ascension #Merkaba #Orisha #HolySpirit
11 days ago
Coping with the Energetic shifts during the major bio-spherical changes on Mother☆Ship EARTH 🌍. Happy Retrospective.... a period to be the Observation participation and moderation.... as the energies flo₩s VIA your centralized core. Energetic beings vibrate or pulses in response to stimulation or sinewave in the Bio-Sphere... you are also a bio-spherical amorphous being... filled with the same PLASMA and CELLULOSE structures as your Grand Mother☆Ship🌍Earth is a RECEPTIVE FORCE... we are the CONDUCT-oars of (-/+)(m/f) or POSITIVE NEGATIVE AND NEUTRALIZING IONS at play as human(higher+lower) SELVES.cells bio-molecular emotional supported mechanisms organized vessels. Driven via the 🌞👁👃👀👅👐👣🌍fully integrated nodal=chakra energetic generators for more advanced hu2-hu3-hu4 HUMAN-SOUL ☆ Star Seed. Your entire Zodiacal WHEEL being ACCELERATED... 2012 we shifted into a NATAL RETROGRADE for a new AEON=AQUARIUS. So a 7 PLANETARY retrospective or RETROGRADE during a LEO IN AQUARIUS... URANUS IN TAURUS... Bull by the Horns... URANUS being handed to you to deal with ALL ACCELERATED un-addressed issues (inter-generational). Some of us are completing our GALACTIC ascension. SOLAR☆ ascension Bio-spherical (Elementals-Fairies-Elven) Planetary = SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS... AVATARS OVER-SOULS AMBASSADORS & Other PLANETARY LOGOS (Light beings). Being classified as a HUMAN is just a broad spectrum... there are those who are accessing HIGHER SELVES=SOUL=MONADIC=UNFRAGMENTED INTELLIGENCE that are very colossal... yet LOOK JUST as ordinaRE🌞 in our 3rd density expressions. This symbol is called the OROBORUS those who know TAROT sees it as the COSMIC EGG.
11 months ago