Little Paddington Preschool and Infant care


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The Paddington Experience
We recognize how important it is for parents to find just the right preschool to fully nurture their child in their early and most formative years of learning. At Little Paddington, we look at the world as our classroom and envision children as active protagonists. We explore the world through their perspective and enrich their learning through their curiosity and our expertise. We put tremendous focus on maintaining a healthy balance of child-directed and teacher-guided activities.

Our IPC curriculum framework is benchmarked against internationally acclaimed practices and is specifically designed to broaden a child's intellectual horizons. Each child is unique and our approach focuses on highlighting their unique strengths. This consequently promotes the development of their latent talents and has a positive emotional impact on them.

Our Vision
To nurture your children in our world of knowledge and develop the perspectives of their curious minds so they can script their own success.

Our Mission
With a philosophy in holistic education, we aim to engage each child's interest and motivation by giving them daily opportunities for creative expression through child-led, process-focused learning. To encourage them to question, reason, hypothesize, develop self- confidence and learn.