Nonprofit Organization

CMI is an independent conflict resolution organisation working to prevent & resolve #conflict and build lasting #peace worldwide.

We at CMI believe that all conflicts can be resolved. We tirelessly work to prevent and resolve violent conflicts, and to ensure sustainable peace across the globe.

There are no quick fixes to the complex, mostly internal conflicts that are ravaging the world today. Achieving lasting peace requires long-term commitment, local ownership of solutions, creative ideas, and broad involvement by the entire society, including women. We support a more peaceful world by:
• mediating between conflict parties,
• enabling dialogue among key groups & helping them find new, sustainable solutions,
• supporting other actors – states, multinational organisations & mediators – to bring about peace, and
• helping national actors to build their internal conflict resolution capacities.

As an independent non-governmental actor, we can work in all phases of a peace process and at all levels of society. We can act quickly, go to places that are inaccessible for many governments and talk to people others cannot reach. However, we always ensure coordination of our actions with other actors, and have close working relationships with key international and regional organisations.

We pride ourselves on our impartial approach, creativity and high-quality working processes. Ultimately, all our work aims to create extensive and lasting positive change in societies devastated by conflicts.

8 months ago