Sehat World


A fitness center created to empower you-physically,mentally and emotionally.

To carve out an enchanting arena to meet your family's fitness needs, pull them out of nutrition rigmarole, and imbue them with well-being, we mark the advent of Sehat Singh!!
Sehat world is the one of our dream and your unrealized desires to give wings to your unscalable potential and passions for fitness. We intend to infuse the fitness mantra between diverse age group and background.Which means it has something to offer to your entire family.The entire project was initiated with a dream to build a Sehatmand world around us.
This intriguing world has also much more to offer to us than meets the batting of the eyelids. It is not the one-size-fits-all, conventional fitness center that makes you go through the ordeal of harsh training and coerced austerity.
Sehat Singh imagines a world of bonhomie and fun where there is something in store for each of us right from customized fitness sessions to yoga and meditation to various dance forms like aerobics ,zumba,contemporary Hip-hop for the go-getters.
Because in the land of Sehat, we believe that getting sehatmand is a roller-coaster ride to discover yourself and embark on a life-changing mystical land of greater health, well-being, inner-peace, confidence and self-worth. Here the emphasis is not on changing yourself but realizing your hidden talents and potentials. Sehat Land unravels for you;

1.A professional Boxing Ring as per International Standards
2.60 Meters Running Track as International standards
3. State of Art technology equipped Cardio section
4.Dedicated Strength Area
5.Cross-fit activity hall
6.Multi-Purpose hall for Aerobics, Zumba,Contemporary various dance forms
7.Meditation & Yoga room
8.Shower -Steam room facilities.

And dear seekers, this is not it!! We also ask you to perform the sin of gluttony and indulgence but healthily. We support you with a dedicated nutritionist and a in house cafeteria that offers you every nutrition helping you get fitter and achieve your targets.
So, unless you have raked in enough to fend for the doctors, the enchanting world of Sehat awaits you with open arms!! Game for the riveting carnival?

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