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Hi All.. This page was created to keep a compilation of thoughts i made, heard and found searching the internet. I also have some that are derived from God's word, the Bible, all with the aim of inspiring everyone while expressing their inner voice. So though i created this page, it's just not about me, it's not just mine, but ours and about each of us. Some of us were simply born vocal and no problem in expressing themselves while others are blessed with expressiveness in writing.. but whatever our case is, we all have the right to think and express our emotions and ideas.. others just have theirs bottled in and others do it out loud at times. Let's use this page in helping others express what they feel, but please, please.. let's keep it wholesome.


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Most of the quotes are found while i was searching the internet and will always try to give the credit where it is due, except if the writer's name is unknown. Unless stated, I do not own or have any rights to the pictures or any quotes posted. If you see a quote that has been posted by myself or others that is marked unknown please feel free to say so credit can go to the writer.

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Oh, how true!
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