Kasih Food Production Co.

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History Of Kasih

The history of the Kasih name dates back to 1926 when the late Raslan Kasih established Raslan Kasih & Sons and set-up a factory for sweets and confectioneries. Until this day, the factory enjoys the leading position in Jordan in the production of tahini (sesame seed paste) and halawa.
Building on the strong reputation and long history in food manufacturing, Kasih Production Company was established in 1994.The company factory is designed for canning vegetables (fresh and dehydrated), soups, beans and dip.
At Kasih Food Production Company we adopt the aseptic packaging process becoming the first in the world to pack hummus utilizing this method. This packing process is unique for keeping even the most perishable food pastes fresh, tasty, and nutritious for months without refrigeration or added preservatives.
In our short history the Kasih Food Production Company quickly grew to become the largest cannery and the largest packer of tomato paste in Jordan, and the only company in the world to produce and package liquid Jammed in aseptic carton containers and hummus dip in glass containers.
Our production lines are capable of producing retail packs of 135gm, 400gm, and 500gm, as well as catering packages of 3 to 20 kilograms (bag in box).

Kasih Quality

Kasih Canned Food Production Company approach in producing top quality food products is based on the following premises:

Sourcing the finest raw materials and inputs, and controlling their storage under the best possible conditions
Providing optimum control of the production process
Providing laboratory control and inspection of the production process
Applying a batch-coding system on all products
Investing in the most modern and highest technology machinery
Employing skilled technicians and engineers in the field of food production technology and engineering
Developing each product through careful laboratory testing, and market research
Maintaining a high level of excellence, based on the ISO certification 9002

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