Proudly built in the USA and Canada, MEGAPRO designs and distributes a wide variety of multi-function screwdrivers and complementary driver accessories.

Whether you are a professional tradesperson, hard-core DIY-er, or are handy around the house, the MEGAPRO family of products can help you with whatever project you are taking on.

Founded in 1992, MEGAPRO designs and distributes a wide variety of multi-function screwdrivers, as well as a line of complementary driver accessories. With over 20 driver models in their current product offering, new product innovation continues to be a focus of the company. Always manufactured with the highest standards and quality materials, MEGAPRO strives to provide their customers with the best hand tools on the market.

Internationally, MEGAPRO currently holds more than 20 patents and 8 trademarks and the privately held corporation manufactures its products in countries around the globe, including the United States of America and Canada.

As the reputation of MEGAPRO and its unique drivers continues to grow worldwide, the opportunities for new products, distributors, manufactures, and above all satisfied customers is what fuels the day to day operations of the MEGAPRO team.

2 years ago