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Mugstoria is all about meaningful conversations and stories we share over a mug of our favorite drink.
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Mugstoria are two words put together. It stands for mug, a symbol for meaningful conversation, and storia, an Italian and Cebuano word for stories.

Think about it: Many of the most meaningful conversations begin with a coffee or beer mug in hand.

Whether early in the morning sipping the finest brew, you share your dream and stories. At night, with a mug filled with the best tasting beer, a person opens his deepest longings, regrets and hopes to friends.

Mugstoria hopes to bring stories that are short, visual, hyperlocal, shareable and inspirational to individual readers and entire communities.

And because everyone is a storyteller, Mugstoria aims to inspire people to share and tell their own stories.

This back and forth between Mugstoria and our readers should lead to meaningful conversations - and even more stories to tell with passion and fire.

This is Mugstoria.