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‘Dead BwoyJahmiel’ Lyrics: By Tommy Lee Sparta Intro: One bag a mouth and no shot nah fire(x3) A bet mi ketch di dread dem locks Pon fyah. Verse1: Nyam-Fuck Jahmie weh yuh know bout man? Anyweh mi see yuh shot a fly through yuh mouth and Nah fi kidnap yuh modda caz mi nuh store whore Rather put har pan har knees, give har sumn fi blow pan. Pussy yuh fi know that man a murder people before yuh a grow locks Nyam-Fuck, di jacket yuh a run dung Yuh aguh wear it in a board box Load up the rifle Inna di Probox Mi heart well freeze, Canada nuh colder Any shot yuh see mi wid a Tommy a fi owner Black rain pan cokehead, Jahmie sniff di powder. How yuh seh yuh rich and yuh mumma, Kim, a helper? She come fi wash suh mi bend it over Jamie tell Poppy send fi di manual fi di RPG now and send it ova. Circle dem ends and tek it over Gully a tek gully, Detta a runi fi cover Fraudo Bawl out: “nuh kill mi fam, please kill Jahmiel cause him seh him a di strongest soldier’ Nooooooooo!!! (Evil laugh) Chorus: (x2) Man a killer (x3) Big Mac 11 call it the “locks trimmer’ Heart jump out and a dance to the siva Eye ball splice out Macarena, Macarena Bridge 1: War anuh regular regular ting Ketch him a barber , him head him a trim Gun Inna ears like when cellular ring Suck yuh mada yuh anuh Gaza Link Pussy yuh know seh mi nuh do scamming When me a tour yuh a beg mi a ting You come a YVP with yuh crushhead dressing As you get a grand yuh run guh Burger King Verse 2: Infanticide, anyweh Nyamiel plan fi hide Pump rifle tek him out, all him land mi slide If yuh run go over Canada, deh Bomma yah Shot yuh tongue from outta Kim Kelly panty side Anyweh mi see the MVP, mi a plan di rifle vibrate promptly Dem a talk dem nuh understand mi Mi plan fi tun di wull a dem Inna zombie Yuh modda shoulda neva mek yuh leff from the cradle Mi three star split yuh from yuh neck to yuh navel Yuh likkle brother him will missing from school ‘Ting dem a find a him head pan table Den mi fuck yuh babymother while yuh little baby sleeping (a murder) When the baby wake up fi feeding Mi just mix Gramoxone and Gerber Chorus x2 Bridge 2: War anuh regular regular ting Ketch him a barber, him head him a trim Gun inna ears like when cellular ring Every Gyal inna Kingston Alka ear Nuh call Worldboss name you anuh Gaza Link When him go jus natural, Tash gimmi a link Gun inna ears like when cellular ring Yuh babymodda a fuck one a mi link Likkle-bomboclaat-midget-donkey mouth bwoy A come size up with murderer Mi never do murder yuh Dead bwoy dem Dead Gyal Doghead and grasshopper head “Unu, unu, unu shame’” Run gwaan back to yuh trainer dem bwoy Die motherfucker die!!
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