Dance Education Songs

Music Production Studio

designed to instruct, uplift, and encourage.

Give your students an excellent start in their dance education. Positive uplifting lyrics compliment upbeat music. Empower your little ones. Watch their self esteem and technical ability grow as they joyfully embrace each new step. They have fun singing the songs filled with positive values like following directions, listening to the teacher, taking turns, and respect and consideration for others. In addition, they will learn correct terminology and practice proper technique. Some songs include a little dance history with how fun it can be to move through space. The learning and teaching of this material is fun, rewarding, and easy. Practice makes perfect and repetition is the key for learning new skills. Because the songs are fun, the kids are eager to perform them. While they are having fun, they don't realize they are practicing. Parents and observers will be amazed at how much these little ones can learn. The children will be happy and proud to demonstrate their new skills, taught by your school of dance.

3 years ago