Jay Moore - The Healthy Accountant


Helping you with simple tax and business strategies to increase your revenue by 30%.

What do you get when you marry accounting, technology and health? You get Jay Moore who is "The Healthy Accountant".

We will no longer focus on the "accountantese" that you can't understand. But we'll focus on your business and personal health, which is the most important reason why you work and run your businesses. We'll take a unique approach to uncover why you may have stalled or what could be holding you back from the BIG goals you have.

Don't get me wrong you will still need to look your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements. We will spend time up front making sure all of your business systems are in place and saving you time so we can focus on "The Health" of your business.

I get it, most people dread meeting with their accountants and what's even more painful is having to switch to a new accountant.....take a deep breath. My main goal is to make sure what we focus on brings more to your top line so that we'll never have to worry about your "Budget".

If you are having challenges in your business or you simply want to learn more, schedule a free strategy session directly on my calendar https://livingfreeenterprise.agilecrm.com/calendar/jay_moore