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"Daughter is the knot that ties the family together". "A baby of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know,& one of the reasons why there is a extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in our life today."

kind Mother, Beloved Mother, leave your obstinacy aside

If you don’t want to love me, then don’t, but at least let me come into this world!

Tell me, what have I done for which you are going to kill me?

You are the Goddess of affection, why are you acting like a witch?

I have heard that the world is very beautiful

I also want to come there

I also want to fly like a butterfly

I also want to sleep in that world, listening to a lullaby

I don’t need any toys or a swing

I will be happy to sit in your lap

If my brother has done wrong, Oh Mom! You may scold me instead

Oh Mom! You may beat me

But at least let me come into this world!

I will be fine, living in a corner behind the house

I will live there as a silent doll

All of you can eat with utensils made of gold and silver

But I won’t mind,

I will be happy eating on paper plates

If you don’t want to love me, then don’t

But at least let me come into this world!

I am also a part my father

How can he tolerate my death?

Dear Mom! Let the bud become a flower

Don’t kill me inside your womb

If you don’t want to love me, then don’t

But at least let me come into this world!

(Now the girl understands that nothing is going to happen with her tears. No one cares about her. She understands that if she wants to save herself, then she has to stand and fight for herself. She knocked on the door of the court. Now she says….)

I will fight my case myself!

I will revolt against this crime!

Everyone shouts on a murder

I will also shout on my own murder!

Yes! I will also shout on my own murder

I will let the whole world know that

My Mother is my murderer!

Before, the girls were raped and killed in parks and grounds

But now, they are raped and killed during the ultrasound!

Millions of girls die in the ultrasound

They sacrifice their life before even coming into this world

Statutes should be the same and clear for everyone

Your honour (Judge)! I need justice from you

My murder is not punished in your court

But tell me your Honour!

Under which section of the law is my murder justified?

My mom is my murderer, my father is my murderer

The doctor is my murderer who performed the ultrasound

The lawyer is my murderer who tries to justify my death

Even You, your Honour! You are also my murderer by not taking any action

My murder is a conspiracy of the whole society

My pain! My pain!

There is no retribution, even after independence!