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Treatment courts are a sentencing alternative that provide lifesaving treatment to people living with substance use and mental health disorders. They promote public health while protecting public safety. Visit

Drug court was the first public health response to addiction within the criminal justice system. It recognized that treating the underlying problems of addiction and behavioral health stopped the revolving door of substance abuse, crime, broken families, and wasted resources. Instead of putting people behind bars, drug court demonstrated that a combination of treatment and support can lead even the most seriously addicted people in our justice system to lives of recovery, stability, and health.

Unlike a traditional court, in drug court, treatment providers ensure every participant receives an individualized, evidence-based treatment plan, and work as a team with law enforcement, probation, defense, prosecution, and judge to provide ongoing support. This individualized approach allows drug courts to identify and meet needs beyond clinical treatment, from education, employment, and housing assistance to family reunification, restitution, and healthcare.

Drug court is the single most successful intervention in our nation’s history for leading people struggling with serious addiction out of the justice system and into lives of health and recovery.

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