Deliver Us From Evil


Deliver Us From Evil, a metal band from Southern Indiana, has been destroying the Midwestern region for 6 years and running. Listen once, and you'll find that the music speaks for itself. More info @

"It takes balls for five white dudes from Indiana to name their EP after a Maya Angelou poem. But I’ve been enjoying Deliver Us From Evil‘s Still I Rise EP so much, they could have just as well called it The Autobiography of Malcolm X and it wouldn’t have bothered me that much.

Whether you realize it or not, you’re probably already familiar with the band’s drummer, Alex Morgan; he’s a talented and successful photographer who has worked with Gojira and Daath, amongst others. (Check out his work at his official website, or with this MS post or this MS post, or just look about an inch up on this post.) Which makes it all the more baffling to me that Deliver Us From Evil are unsigned; they’re like eight million times better than half the bands publicists and label reps send us every day.

And, despite what their name or the name of their EP might suggest, they’re not a Christian ‘core band. (Although their 2008 full-length was called Beyond a Pale Horse, so the band should probably call their next album Hail Satan or something obvious like that to ensure that there’s no further confusion.) They wouldn’t seem out of place on a tour with the aforementioned Daath, or Lazarus A.D., or some NWOAHM bands – basically, they’ve ingested a whole lotta the heavier side of thrash, groove, melodeath, and probably some anthemic arena rock, and now spit it back out as something, well, kick-ass. Still I Rise is just three songs long, coming in at under eleven and a half minutes of music, so I’ve already listened to it like eighty trillion times. It’s easy to leave that fucker on repeat and just completely lose track of time as you induce whiplash from too much head banging.

The band apparently have plans to make a video for one of the tracks off Still I Rise in the not-too-distant future; in the meantime, you can check out some of their music here, and order Still I Rise, Beyond a Pale Horse, and DUFE merch here. (And it’s worth mentioning that some of the band’s merch is pretty sweet – and if you buy it now, you’ll be able to claim you’re sick of these dudes by the time they get really big, like a really tr00 cooler-than-thou and in-the-know snob!) Here’s the Mitch Massie-directed video for “Only Ashes Remain,” from Pale Horse – which is a good album, by the way, and totally worth checking out, too. But I think Still I Rise represents the next phase in the band’s evolution." -Axl Rosenberg -

"Of all the hundreds upon thousands of upcoming metal acts around the globe that I have checked out on Myspace this year, I can say that there is not one that has hit me dead smack between the eyes with its literal uncanny ability like Deliver Us From Evil has done. They incorporate with true gusto the best elements of metal from the past and what is most appealing today. They cannot be labeled very easy due to this. They are not another Lamb of God imitator, nor are they at all classifiable as NU metal. The band is made up of Jeff Thomas on bass, Alex Morgan on percussion, John Matheis playing lead guitar and one of the more talented screamers in the underground game today, Brent Vaughn on vocals. I wanted to provide everyone with more insight into this extremely gifted metal act's background and what can be expected in the future." - Rocket www.metalunderground.com__________________________________________ wrote "Deliver Us From Evil: From Evansville, Indiana, comes Deliver Us From Evil, a no-nonsense bulldozer of death metal. I saw them play at the Saint Andrews Pub Band Battle and I was like, Whoa. The guitarist threw out some ruthless riffs that were very creative, difficult and melodic and reminded me of King Diamond Arabic-styled 'old school' solos. I'll book 'em to the Hill soon. Until then, visit" Eddy from NEWS FROM THE PIT. ______________________________________________________________ On the fearsomely enjoyable Behold A Pale Horse (Self-Released/2008), a professionally assembled eleven song collection of complicated riffage and double-bass driven Heavy Metal, each track, beginning with the skillfully constructed "Ashes Remain", "Profit", and the wickedly majestic "Surviving "The Storm", instantly grabs the listener by the throat with a solid-flow of steady, irresistably rocking grooves that make this material as unshakeable as a bad drug habit. Follow this up with a both primal and chillingly driven, "Words Of War", the crushing "Diabotic", and the adrenaline-soaked, fist-pumping "Empire", one is hard pressed to come upon a more headbanging debut effort, rounded all out with the jack-hammering final three tracks: "Habit", "Conquering All", and the purely engrossing, 'harmonic-rapture' of "Until Tomorrow". - Randy "Rocket" Cody /