Gshytt is an American rapper, born in the United States, G moved to Los Angeles, California to act as an actor, dancer and singer.

After graduating from the number one HBCU , FAMU with a degree in acting, G pursued his dreams in Los Angeles, California. Acting credits from Feature Films, National Commercials, Ellen, George Lopez, Beyoncé, Lebron James, Rihanna and more has catapulted G into stardom.

After attending the world cup in Japan 2012; G wrote a anthem for the soccer team of São Paulo "Vai Corinthians Loyalty". After releasing the video it became a viral sensation for Corinthians fans across brasil. Record TV in brasil grew interest to interview G about the soccer club, and latest music to release.

International Music Tours in Canada, Dominican Republic, and Brasil. G is now releasing his debut album "As Promised” soon.. after filming his single "CREEPIN" with kondzilla. Production of the music done by LUCKMUZIK;(son of Brazilian funk legend Mr.Catra). G focused on the sound and culture of brasil and created a global sound.

Independent Label G.O.D.Familia operates on motivational mantras daily: GOD 1st, Grind Or Die, Greatness Over Defeat.

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