Fast Aid


The Fast Aid is a set of first aid solutions in the form of sprays. Vinodine, Relispray Plus, and Mist-Dress.

The Fast Aid, is a set of first aid solutions in the form of sprays. No need for bandages, creams, tinctures, antiseptic ointment and even cotton.

It is a hand pack composed of:
Vinodine - provides treatment and prevention of infections caused by cuts, wounds, abrasions, ulcers and boils. It contains povidone-iodine and is an ideal prevention and treatment for infection. A non-messy spray application. It speeds up the healing process of the wound.

Relispray Plus - uses the world's most effective and precise herbal formulation to offer safe, drug-free pain relief. Each ingredient is carefully picked to deliver optimum and long-lasting relief. Relispray Plus focused pressure nozzle ensures that the pain relieving molecules penetrate deeper into the skin, straight to the source of the pain.

Mist-Dress - a spray bandage with antiseptic healing properties without the burning sensation. It relieves pain and controls blood loss, provides protection and heals minor cuts, wounds and abrasions. It forms a transparent film over the wound. It allows the wound to breathe. The film is water proof, bacteria-proof and does not restrict blood supply. Mist-Dress heals the wound and fights infection too.

Fast Aid, Mist of Care.

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5 months ago