The Henry Girls


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'The Henry Girls are a force in Folk and Americana music'
- The Alternate Root (USA)

'These sisters have a sensational talent. The quality of their harmony singing goes beyond mere technique. They possess an unerring ability to blend tone and resonance in a seamless fashion.'
- Eamon Carr, The Evening Herald (IRL)

'There’s a sweetness to the album, from the swinging fiddle of “The Weather”, to the ‘30s vibe of “So Long But Not Goodbye”. Thematically, they deal with life, love and the continuity of the spirit... A record of family and togetherness, uplifting as well as contemplative, Louder Than Words is a skillful selection that will continue the Girls’ international success.'
- Gideon Thomas, PopMatters (USA)

'Such is the magnetism of the voice, the giddy pull on the heart, the head dancing in reverie, a fella could fall hard for the Henry Girls without ever knowing them. The triumvirate of sisters from Ireland's northern most point of Malin, Co. Donegal, weave the kind of hynotic harmonies that excite a kind of amorphous faith - in something, anything.'
- R2 Magazine (UK)

'Confident, organic and under-stated, this collection will urge listeners to seek out The Henry Girls' live shows for the full 3D experience.'
- The Irish Times

'The Henry Girls give a master class in harmony, effortlessly and flawlessly weaving together Irish roots and Americana influences into a rich tapestry of song. Actually, this is no cliched “musical tapestry.” This is a warm, wool blanket on a rainy day. This is the tablecloth your great-grandmother made that adorns the coffee table in the summertime. This is The Henry Girls’ latest offering, Louder Than Words.'
- Hearth Music (USA)

'Their voices are easy on the ear and clear as glass, and interweave with a natural grace that complements the lightness of the melodies. Louder Than Words demonstrates how far the McLaughlin sisters have come as songwriters.'
- The Irish Examiner

'Picking up where they left off with last year’s splendid December Moon, The Henry Girls’ harmonic chemistry charms in every setting one finds it here, if anything, with greater potency than on that excellent preceding effort...A legit candidate for this year’s “Best Of” lists.'
- Roots Music Report (USA)

'The Henry Girls have been making music for a long time and Louder Than Words cements their position as one of our best acts. It’s their fourth album and with their trademark tight vocal harmonies and superior musicianship, they deliver 10 outstanding tracks...The Henry Girls deserve more coverage and Louder Than Words should be heard by anyone who wants to experience how good the music in this country can be.'
- Tony Lawless, Tradconnect (IRL)

'Terrific voices, great harmonies. Classic Northern Ireland noir'
- Mike Harding, BBC radio 2

'I highly recommend it, every track that I have listened to is a winner'
- Alf McCarthy, The Late Date, RTE1

'The fine close harmonies and musical arrangements on Louder Than Words elevate the girls to a higher plain'
- Maverick Magazine (UK)

'Blending Irish and American roots styles with the retro sounds of close harmony groups of the '40s & '50s, The Henry Girls have forged a sound of their own.
- Colm O Hare, Hot Press Magazine (IRL)

'The Henry Girls’ ability to draw influences from such a broad spectrum of styles whilst still remaining rooted in their own sound is a joy to behold, all the while lifting each song with their glorious and crystal-clear vocal harmonies.'
- Fortitude Magazine (UK)

'Latest album “Louder Than Words” is a harmony-laden delight from beginning to end.'
- Pittsburgh In Tune (USA)

'These young ladies hail from Co. Donegal, Ireland, but their songs are universal in theme though drawing on the roots of their Irish, Scottish and Americana roots. Their voices woven together form a rich canopy that is both open and airy at the same time, so tightly put together as to be virtually water repellant. Their voices are a piece that is so beautiful it grabs and holds the ear of the beholder. Their voice weave in and out of each other at times bending and shaping the ears. Without being overt, there is a distinct Celtic lilt to the voices, at times strong enough to betray their roots in the old country...A group to keep your eye out for..'
- FAME review (USA)

'all sing - strongly, clearly and attractively and with a natural poise and grace...The Henry Girls have been favourably compared to Dixie Chicks, and one can see why, although their approach and demeanour is still (thankfully) altogether less mainstream...the lyrics aren't without a satisfying degree of depth and the charm of the sisters' delivery is not to be underestimated.'
- Fatea (UK)

'It’s a crime of great shame for anyone to ignore the calling voice of these women.'
- Darragh Faughey, GoldenPlec (IRL)

'The Henry Girls’ album Louder Than Words is a melodic trio of beautiful feminine voices singing about modern troubles, modern joys, and modern faith. The music speaks to anyone who’s pondered a beautiful sunset while driving down the road.'
- Americana Music Show (USA)

'Louder then words" is an exceptional easy listening, folk / roots album that is nothing short of superb...excellent musicianship & beautiful harmonies (did I mention the harmonies?) that will appeal to the masses.'
- 2U I Bestow (IRL)

'This is an exquisite album with highs and lows in terms of tempo, mood and vocals throughout. It is compelling and moving; masterful in the sense that it truly draws the listener in to the atmosphere of each song. If you have not yet heard The Henry Girls music, this album would be a great place to start.'
- Claire Kane, Music & Everything (IRL)

'When you imagine harps, violins and three-part female vocal harmonies, you probably expect a very twee and rustic sound, but that’s not how The Henry Girls roll. They are well capable of sacharine sweet vocal delivery, but there’s often a hint of gravel as well. Understated percussion, on a brushed kit, and sparse bass tracks give the record a contemporary sound...The production is stunning, and the album sounds intimate but simultaneously lush.'
- (IRL)