Snakeroot Organic Farm


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Snakeroot Organic Farm started in 1995 when Tom and Lois moved from Dixmont, where they had been farming together for five years. They moved onto a run out hayfield in an opening in the woods, and immediately began to improve the soil with cover crops and compost.

Today we grow a wide variety of mixed vegetables, fruit and culinary herbs on 5 acres of gardens. Our major crops are tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, leeks, shallots, garlic, lettuce, cucumbers, summer & winter squash, basil, celery, green beans, parsley, beet greens, spinach and onions, but we also have many more minor crops. We also grow rhubarb, raspberries, grapes, pears and apples.

In 2000 we began tapping maple trees in our sugarbush, and currently set about 400 taps to make our own maple syrup.