Sea Spot Walk

Pet Sitter

Sea Spot Walk offers dog walking and pet services that insure Spot is happy and healthy.

1. Best Care
All of Sea Spot Walk’s employees have passed a vigorous background check, and are Pet CPR Certified. Each visit includes a detailed Head to Tail check, to help you be aware of your pet’s condition. All of our employees carry a First Aid Kit, as well as water for your dog and waste bags.
2. Increase Happiness
Your pet will be happier having gotten exercise and mental stimulation during our care. You will be happier knowing that your pet has had all his needs met and is better behaved!
3. Professionalism
You will receive a detailed report of each visit by the method of your choosing- Text Message, Email, Phone Call, or Written Paper Note so that you know exactly how your pet is doing. Additionally, if you choose to receive Text Message or Email reports, we will send you a link to view a map of the walk, as well as photos and/or videos!

Kobi Flyball
8 months ago