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As we all known about 'Goong the musical' will be performing at Seoul National Museum’s theater, South Korea during Sep-Dec 2010 which 'U-Know Yoonho' of 'TVXQ!' is one of the leading actors. The musical has drawn great attention from media and fan across Asia. Of course, the tickets were sold out in a second.

On July 7th, It's glad to hear the musical was reported the future oversea tour starting on January 2011 but no plan was confirmed for Thailand which is the country that has a huge U-Know Yoonho fanbase and all of them have strong desire to see U-Know Yoonho musical more than once per person.

We are Thailand’s U-Know Yoonho fanclub who would like to see this musical in Thailand with U-Know Yoonho performing. Here is our facebook fanpage gathering fans to let the organizers truly recognize our strong desire.

For fans, Let's work together! Spread this page to your friend as much as you can. ;)

For an organizer, Please bring 'Goong the Musical with U-Know Yoonho' to Thailand. <3

~from the beginning to never ending story~
as we known goong the musical is already finished in 2010 but we still support Yunho in our name 'U-Know Thai Fan'

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