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Discover Nagaland is a private, non-profit organization, founded in July 4, 2010 with the name, "Toursim in Nagaland by We The Nagas" and the name was later changed to "Discover Nagaland" in July 27, 2012. Discover Nagaland was incorporated in 2013.
Discover Nagaland focus on promoting Nagaland as a premier travel destination to non-local markets.

Discover Nagaland is committed to ensuring that all visitors receive a warm welcome. To this end, we see that provincial hospitality standards are respected, promotes awareness and dialogue among industry players on the importance of excellence in hospitality, and supports initiatives to develop appropriate services in Nagaland, which include producing and distributing travel literature and establishing tourism information centres. Discover Nagaland also offers unsurpassed logistical support to meeting and convention planners, as well as specialized foreign press.

The primary goal of the development strategies implemented by Discover Nagaland is to enhance the tourism in Nagaland as a year-round destination, while highlighting its distinct character.

Discover Nagaland actions centre around two key objectives:

1. Steering urban tourism development and encouraging new investments in sectors which need it.
2. Ensuring that the various development stakeholders integrate tourism-related issues into their planning.

According to 2011 census Nagaland is a State (of India) with a population of Approximate 19.79 Lakhs and the density of Nagaland state is 119 per sq km. Nagaland is spread over 16,579 Sq Km. Nagaland has 11 districts with 16 recognized tribes.

Discover Nagaland is a group started to give more exposure about Nagaland to the outside world. Our idea though "Discover Nagaland" is to gain the interest of the people in Tourism, experience what has not been experienced in their life, to do the craziest things and it offers much more..
"Discover Nagaland" organize trips to different places in an around Nagaland where all the interested members are welcome to be part of the team.

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