ETC - English and Exam Training Center


"etc." is a language center which provides a broad range of services from General English to TOEFL, IELTS, and Business English

“etc.” was founded by two Cambridge CELTA certified tutors, Sevag Aroyan and Maria Maronian. The idea of founding it came from the positive feedback of the students of both tutors, both in General English lessons, and TOEFL / IELTS alike.

In our center, we do our best to ensure a positive atmosphere for learning, and we also fully understand that the student is spending time and energy in order to get proper knowledge in the language. Therefore, as we have always done, we continue to make sure we exceed expectations rather than just meet them.

Our General and Business English courses are all designed in the most interactive way possible, with the Cambridge CELTA methods used in every single lesson, and the courses based on the most up-to-date materials available in the market.

As for the TOEFL and IELTS courses, they are the result of long years of experience, with the most useful parts of the best course books collected, and turned into one highly professional syllabus to cover.

All in all, our courses are tailored to meet the needs of the particular students or student groups, as we believe that the students’ needs dictate what the course will look like, rather than the books.

So, whether you want to improve your English for business, exam, or personal reasons; “etc.” is the new address for that in Yerevan.