Disrespectful Ent.

Music Video

Coming Straight Outta Pontiac...... The 248's Dopest!!! Watch The Come Up

With all due respect, we are Disrespectful. From the small town of Pontiac, MI comes a youthful group of go getters who's passion for change is greater than the hardships that we've endured. With that being said, we express the living culture of a dying city. As talented entrepreneurs we strive to build, & what better way to touch a crowd than the unifying sound of music. Our music isn't directed towards a specific group of people, but to the world. We offer a variety of talents including, music, video production, graphic design & not to mention we manifest positive vibes & energy through our drive & ambition. We are a team of individuals who aren't afraid of being ourselves & with being ourselves comes originality & creativity, which seems to be foreign in todays generation. Let us bring music to your ears, check out our Soundcloud.